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Image of whale flip near Crown Paradise Golden Puerto Vallarta

Islas Marietas beach near Crown Paradise Golden Puerto Vallarta

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Crown Paradise Golden All-Inclusive Resort Puerto Vallarta is just moments from the iconic tourist attractions and breathtaking natural landmarks of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re strolling through picturesque downtown Puerto Vallarta. Picture your arrival at the waterfront, where you can see local artists entertaining tourists. Then stop to enjoy a performance. Between the applause and laughter, you can hear the approaching sound of a vendor ringing the bell on his cart and his cries of “Lemon and vanilla ice cream!” It’s a classic dessert you can enjoy while wandering through Puerto Vallarta’s famous cobblestoned streets. When you look around, you’ll see famous sculptures lining the waterfront, such as “The Subtle Stone Eater,” “The child on the Seahorse” and “In search of the truth.” All of these pieces are created by artists such as Alejandro Colunga, Sergio Bustamante, Pedro Tello and others. Don’t miss the chance to take some photos of your vacation adventures. You’re free to follow the different rhythms that come from the various bars and restaurants, where you’ll sense a special aroma coming from your surroundings. That delicious scent will be tossed fish (pescado zarandeado). So you’ll ask for a menu and realize why this town has been catalogued as being a gourmet capital. At this point of your fantastic journey, you can enjoy the exquisite dishes that are part of the area’s culinary wealth.
The spectacular view of the Banderas Bay beach follows you on your way until you come to the famous Cuale River, set in what’s known as Puerto Vallarta’s romantic quarter.
Mismaloya, the beach of the dead, whale watching, releasing turtles and the marina come to mind as you enjoy this beautiful landscape.

So what are you waiting for? Open your eyes and embrace this experience! The stunning tourist attractions of Puerto Vallarta await!

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Whale Watching

Banderas Bay is the place to see majestic cetaceans. The humpback whale is one of the largest in the world and can measure up to between 15 and 19 meters in length and weighs approximately 36,000 kilograms.

Islas Marietas

Located on Isla Redonda, this exotic beach is a kind of crater with white sand. It happened due to a bomb blast last century during military exercises. 

Turtle Releasing

The releasing and conservation of sea turtles take place on the beaches of Puerto Vallarta between the months of July and December.


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